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         Usos founder Afa The Wild Samoan Anoa`i, along with his brother Sika have joined the World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Class of 2007 Hall of Fame!   CLICK HERE for more information.
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         " The Youth Of Today Are Our Leaders Of Tomorrow "

Established in 1999,  Usos Foundation, Inc.  a non-profit  organization, was founded to promote brotherhood.

The term USOS means  "Brotherly love" or "We are all brothers" in Samoan.

Founded by Afa Anoa'i, The Wild Samoan, the foundation seeks to develop young people athletically in the field of wrestling, mentally in  their schoolwork, and spiritually in the community work.

The foundation will provide after-school wrestling training in a professional school environment. The training will consist of emphasizing the importance of  good nutrition, the importance of sustained exercise, and the importance of  maintaining good health (i.e., drug free, smoke free, free of substance abuse). Students who cannot afford full tuition because of age or financial reasons,  will be offered scholarship assistance.

The school will emphasize the importance of a good academic education. Students will learn writing, promotion, photography, computer and management skills: skills used not only in professional wrestling, but in the business  world as well.  Good scholastic academic will be required of all students receiving  scholarship assistance.

The Wild Samoan Training Center, Inc. was established twenty years ago by  professional wrestler Afa Anoa'i a.k.a. "The Wild Samoan". His purpose was to give young men and women the best possible training in the field of pro  wrestling. Throughout the years Afa has earned the name "POPS" and the  reputation to go with it. In the past 20 years, Afa has trained hundreds of  local area residents from the age of 16 to 35 years old. The school receives  visits from many area teens who only wish they could afford the training.

As a way for Afa to better get to know his students, he asks them to write a brief biography on themselves and why they want to become a wrestler. To Afa's surprise, many of these kids were from broken homes, did not finish high school, used drugs and alcohol, and several  even spent time in jail. Through his school, Afa gave them the chance to reach their dreams.

The training program requires complete dedication on the part of the student.

The school has served a purpose for many young, well-built men, who have  found it, and still find it today a place to channel their energies toward a more  constructive use. Some of the students have expressed the option that the  training has kept them out of jail or has saved their lives.   Many discuss the  school's ability to improve their personal self-esteem at a time when they are seeking to define their roles as young men.

Former students, those who have gone on to careers other than professional  wrestling, often still support the school and its potential siting that the  guidance given by Afa and the other staff members helped them to build both  body and mind.

The foundation seeks to further the training of all students that attend the  training center to include: greater understanding of the role of promotion,  publicity, and management skills needed not only in the world of professional  wrestling, but many aspects of today's business as well. Thus some of the students  may be studying to be a manager or publicist rather than a professional  wrestler.

The after-school wrestling scholarship program is concerned with providing  "recreational needs of low and moderate income residents of the city" as  outlined in the eligibility criteria. It is important to point out, however,  that our goals in training the students exceed that of recreation and include those of education and employment.

Afa feels that he can make a difference in the lives of our local residents.   This is the critical age for our teenagers and Afa can provide a supervised  environment that will give kids a chance to reach their dreams through pro  wrestling.

Afa hopes to use the drawing power of professional wrestling to give our  youth a place to come to where they can learn many of the skills that can open the doors to opportunities that these kids might otherwise not have.

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         Usos founder Afa The Wild Samoan Anoa`i, along with his brother Sika have joined the World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Class of 2007 Hall of Fame!   CLICK HERE for more information.